Empowering consumers
through dialogue

We’re here to help co-create a better consumer environment

About Us

Euroconsumers and Google have partnered to form the Consumer Empowerment Project (CEP) to help improve the digital ecosystem for consumers. We’re keen to work with other stakeholders to help us achieve this ambition.

We believe that fostering meaningful dialogue is the cornerstone of a modern consumer organization. By prioritizing open communication and active engagement, we can empower people and improve the market.
Antonio Balhanas Executive Director, Euroconsumers
We want to help everyone benefit from the best of technology. This collaboration will help empower consumers to know their rights and make informed decisions online.
Matt Brittin President, EMEA Google
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Topics we cover

Join the conversation. We encourage researchers and leading thinkers to submit discussion papers for publication.

Digital responsibility


Digital transformation


CEP overview

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Euroconsumers and Google proudly present the Consumer Empowerment Project, a space where consumer organizations, industry and civil society can co-create a better consumer environment by promoting dialogue, collaboration and tangible initiatives.


Become a leader of the future at the Consumer Leadership Academy


As part of our commitment to help co-create a better consumer environment, we’ve created the Consumer Leadership Academy (CLA). The CLA is an intensive course which brings policy and thought leaders from around the world together to stimulate informed discussion of all sides of the major policy debates shaping the future of consumerism. Would you like to apply to our next edition?

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Get the full picture with the Consumer Digital Empowerment Index

The Index is a new tool that offers insights on how digital services empower consumers in their daily lives. The research is conducted across 10 European markets, with a focus on Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria.

Get the full picture with the Consumer Digital Empowerment Index

Navigate your way to safety

Introducing SpaceShelter

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When we work together we can make the web a safer place. SpaceShelter is an interactive game developed by Google in collaboration with Euroconsumers to educate consumers on security online. It’s an easy and fun way of learning about multi-factor authentication, building strong passwords and protecting yourself from phishing and scams.