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We’re here to help co-create a better consumer environment.

Our mission is to empower consumers through dialogue. We aim to help consumers understand their rights so that they can make better informed decisions.

Powered by Euroconsumers and Google, the Consumer Empowerment Project is open to stakeholders who can help create a space where consumer organizations, industry and civil society can come together to discuss and address key issues relating to consumer empowerment.

Gathering five national consumer organisations (Test-Aankoop / Test-Achats, Altroconsumo, DECO Proteste, OCU, Proteste) and giving voice to a total of more than 1.5 million people, Euroconsumers is the world’s leading consumer group in innovative information, personalised services and defence of consumer’s rights.

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We’re keen to work with stakeholders who can help us to empower consumers and co-create a better consumer environment.

Develop joint activities at local, national and international levels to showcase thought leadership for consumers and other relevant stakeholders such as policy makers, academics, and media.

Propose new activities and contribute to existing CEP initiatives by engaging in working groups to inform and advise the CEP’s work. As needed, these working groups will establish short-term task forces to tackle specific work streams and deliverables.

Hear from experts and participate in networking events. Launch calls for papers or requests for proposals in research areas of your interest and run consumer surveys. Feed into future editions of the Consumer Leadership Academy, by proposing guest speakers and topics.

What we provide

The Consumer Leadership Academy is a one-week program which brings policy and thought leaders from around the world together to stimulate informed discussion of all sides of the major policy debates shaping the future of consumerism.
The Consumer Digital Empowerment Index is our flagship research project. This new tool provides insights on how digital services empower consumers in their daily lives
SpaceShelter is an interactive game developed by Google in collaboration with Euroconsumers to educate consumers on security online. It’s an easy and fun way of learning about multi-factor authentication, building strong passwords and protecting yourself from phishing and scams.
As part of our commitment to empowering consumers through dialogue, we publish discussion papers on a range of key topics and have also launched an open call to researchers to submit papers for publication on the CEP website.

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