CLA Brussels edition

VUB University – Brussels, 10-12 April 2024


CLA Brussels 2024 wrap-up

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Here’s a recap of our latest Consumer Leadership Academy edition, held from April 10-12 in Brussels at VUB, the European Parliament, and the European Data Protection Supervisor.

The focus of the 4th edition of the CLA was “Empowering Consumers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”. This theme emerged from the strategic imperative to address the future of consumer protection in a world where AI products and software are becoming increasingly prevalent in the marketplace. The question arises: Will the new regulations be able to effectively meet this challenge?



10-12 April 2024

DAY 1 | DIGITAL CONSUMER PROTECTION: An overview in light of the latest regulations

  • 01
    // 9:30

    Opening greetings

    Marco Scialdone, Consumer Empowerment Project
    Vincenzo Tiani, VUB

  • 02
    // 09:45

    Keynote speech

    Roberto Viola, Director General, DG CNECT European Commission

  • 03
    // 10:30

    Understanding AI and Digital Consumer Protection

    Gabriele Mazzini, Team Leader AI Act, DG CNECT

  • 04
    // 11:45

    The concept of vulnerability to improve consumer protection

    Rachele Carli, University of Bologna

  • 05
    // 14:00

    Interactive workshop on Trustworthy AI

    Piercosma Bisconti, Project Leader of the European standard “AI Trustworthiness Framework”


  • 01
    // 9:30 Algorithmic Transparency: ethics and regulation

    Lex Zard, Leiden University

  • 02

    Alfredo Salmaso, Communication Officer, I&C Unit // Presentation of EDPS roles and tasks
    Vitor Bernardo, Technology and security Officer, T&P Unit, // Presentation on Explainable AI
    Leonardo Cervera Navas, Secretary General of EDPS, // Closing Remarks

  • 03
    // 14:00-16:30 @ EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT | The importance of a fundamental rights impact assessment (AI Act, DSA)

    Brando Benifei, MEP (greetings) and Laura Caroli, Senior Policy Advisor to MEP Benifei


  • 04
    Fighting Online Abuse with Applied AI

    Paolo Sangregorio, Engineering Manager – AI Content Safety, Google
    Anita Williams, Trust & Safety Regulatory Engagements, Google

DAY 3 | Fundamental Rights of Consumers and Accountability of AI Providers

  • 01
    // 9:30 Healthy public debate in a digital world: new rules to combat disinformation ahead of the 2024 European elections

    Krisztina Stump, Head Of Unit, Media Convergence and Social Media Unit at European Commission

  • 02
    // 10:15 Workshop: In Our Shoes – Putting content review principles into practice

    Anita Williams, Trust & Safety Regulatory Engagements, Google

  • 03
    // Closing ceremony

    Delivery of Academy certificates, handover, group picture


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