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Join us for the fourth edition in Brussels,
March 2024

The Consumer Leadership Academy (CLA) is a free of charge intensive course designed to stimulate informed discussion from all sides of the major policy debates shaping the future of consumerism, with a particular focus on digital transformation and sustainability.
If you like to take part in the upcoming CLA edition or find out more, please feel free to get in touch.

Who should attend?

The CLA brings together policy and thought leaders from around the world for a series of lectures, seminars and panel sessions led by experts and grounded in academic research.

Consumer Leadership Academy | Lisbon, November 2023

The goals of the program:

– To strengthen your skills and understanding of consumer rights online

– To offer frameworks and tools to enhance consumer empowerment online

– To drive collaboration through the development of action-oriented outcomes, exercises and networking

What to expect

  • 01

    The CLA program consists of three main modules, divided into six half-day sessions, for a total of three face-to-face class days

  • 02

    The modules will be taught by an international and diversified faculty coordinated by Nova Law School

  • 03
    Class size

    The class will consist of approximately 15 to 20 people

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If you like to take part or find out more, please feel free to get in touch.