Consumer Digital Empowerment Index – Roadhsow

On April 17, the Index roadshow arrived in Brussels, Belgium, hosted at the I-Com premises. The event, titled “CEP Index 2023: Rights and Better-Informed Choices for EU Consumers using Digital Services,” convened policymakers, industry experts, and stakeholders to explore the significance of digital services in empowering EU consumers and advancing European companies.


Belgium 🇧🇪

17 April 2024

Event summary

The event began with formal greetings from Lucrezia Busa, a Member of Commissioner Jourová’s Cabinet, marking the outset and emphasizing the importance of the ensuing discussions from her perspective within the European Commission. This was followed by a thought-provoking video contribution from Alexia Bertrand, the Belgian State Secretary for the Budget and Consumer Protection, providing a local perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the digital consumer landscape.

Marco Anelli, Group Service Manager of Statistical Surveys at Euroconsumers, then took the stage to present the findings of the Consumer Empowerment Project (CEP) 2023 Index. Anelli’s presentation offered comprehensive insights into the evolving dynamics of consumer empowerment in the digital era, highlighting key trends and implications across surveyed countries.

The event further featured a stimulating panel discussion with esteemed experts in various consumption areas. Notable speakers included Maria-Myrto Kanellopoulou, Head of Unit at the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST), European Commission; Cinzia Guido, Director of Government Relations Europe at Shein; Marco Pancini, Head of EU Affairs at Meta; Giuliana Sebastiani, EU Policy Advisor at Vodafone; Xhoana Shehu, Policy Manager at ETNO; and Vincenzo Tiani from the Brussels Privacy Hub at VUB. Sven Roehr, Policy Officer in Consumer Law at DG JUST, European Commission, also contributed valuable insights. The panel discussion delved into diverse perspectives on digital consumer rights, market trends, and regulatory challenges, fostering a rich exchange of ideas among participants.

The event concluded with Stefano Da Empoli, President of I-Com, offering insightful reflections and summarizing key takeaways from the discussions. Da Empoli’s concluding remarks emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping consumer-centric policies and strategies to promote digital empowerment and innovation across European markets.

Alexia Bertrand’s Video Message

Runtime 3′ 38″

The impactful message delivered by the Belgian Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, Alexia Bertrand, during the Belgian stop of the Consumer Digital Empowerment Index roadshow – Brussels, April 17th 2024