Consumer Digital Empowerment Index – Roadhsow

Our Consumer Digital Empowerment Index roadshow concluded on May 14th in Rome. We hosted a dynamic roundtable featuring a special message from Italian Undersecretary of State, Alessio Butti, celebrating Italy’s strides in digital identity and enhanced online public services.


Italy 🇮🇹

14 May 2024

Event summary

During the roundtable, Italy’s leading role in digital identity usage and substantial advancements in public administration services were highlighted, as confirmed by the CDE Index data. Notable improvements include a 6.4% increase in online payments to public entities, a 7.9% rise in online medical appointment bookings, and a 7.1% increase in online public transport ticket purchases.

In a video message, Alessio Butti, Undersecretary for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, commented on the Index’s findings. He noted a 3-point overall increase in consumer empowerment compared to 2022, attributing this progress to the government’s digital transformation policies. He praised Italy’s strong performance in digital identity usage, particularly efforts to simplify the use of the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) for online services, and mentioned the upcoming IT Wallet as a significant digital innovation.

Marco Scialdone, Director of CEP, emphasized the Index’s role as a reliable and scientifically robust tool for measuring digitalization’s impact on consumer habits. He encouraged stakeholders to use the data for informed discussions on digital consumer life.

The roundtable, moderated by Raffaele Barberio, featured prominent speakers including Giovanni Calabrò (AGCM), Mario Nobile (AGID), Lelio Borgherese (Assocontact), Vittorio Calaprice (European Commission in Italy), Francesca Chiocchetti (Wind Tre), Martina Colasante (Google Italy), Eleonora Faina (Anitec-Assinform), Aniello Merone (European University of Rome), Paolo Pinzoni (Vodafone), Matteo Ribaldi (Glovo Italy), and Raffaele Torino (Roma Tre University).

The event underscored the importance of digital services in enhancing consumer empowerment and set the stage for continued advancements in this crucial area.

Alessio Butti’s Video Message

Runtime 7′ 35″

During the Italian leg of the Consumer Digital Empowerment Index roadshow in Rome, Italian Secretary of State for Technological Innovation, Alessio Butti, underscores the significance of comprehending digital transformation’s influence on consumer behaviors. He commends Italy’s progress in digital identity usage and the favorable outcomes highlighted in the Index, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to advancing digital empowerment.