My Data is Mine Award - 2022 edition

The My data is mine Award is aimed at supporting young scholars with an innovative approach to data protection issues and who can offer a visionary contribution to data exploitation in Europe and worldwide

You can read in this section the most valuable papers received for the award. The winner of the 2022 edition was unveiled at the Web Summit in Lisbon, on November 3rd. Re-live the panel “My data is mine award, 2022: Data sharing and its pro-competitive effect on the market”, at this link.

7 publications

15th March 2024

CALL FOR PAPERS | “Towards an innovative data ecosystem in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

The fifth edition, which will take place in Lisbon during the 2024 Web Summit, aims to stimulate academic research on the sustainable development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a data protection perspective.

Written by: CEP
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15th November 2023

GDPR Stress-tests by AI: Towards a user-centric data protection approach

Taking into account both the GDPR and the data protection-related provisions of the proposed AI Act, this paper aims to identify the main data protection challenges machine learning systems bring and to stress the importance of embracing legal design and utilizing technology to preserve privacy and ensure effective compliance.

Written by: Christina Varytimidou
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10th November 2023

My data to develop AI: How data protection and intellectual property laws shape AI research

The study explores the research exception of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and IP-relevant directives, emphasizing the aimed balance between privacy, creator’s rights, and innovation.

Written by: Amanda Costa Novaes
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17th April 2023

Call for papers | My data is mine 2023

The fourth edition, which will take place in Lisbon during the 2023 Web Summit, aims to recognize outstanding research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data protection.

Written by: CEP
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25th October 2022

Intermediaries do matter: voluntary standards and the Right to Data Portability // WINNER

This paper enlightens an understudied aspect of the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Right to Data Portability (RtDP), introducing a framework to analyse empirically the voluntary data portability standards adopted by various data controllers.

Written by: Matteo Nebbiai
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24th October 2022

Data sharing and health services in the Italian legal framework: case study // SPECIAL MENTION

Data play a key role in the world economy. This is the reason why regulations should govern such aspect not only restricting and limiting the use of data but also creating opportunities for the re-use of data while removing technical and legislative barriers. The paper will analyze, within the Italian legal framework, opportunities for the right to access (article 15 GDPR) and portability (article 20 GDPR) of health records, requested by an authorized parties in order to be able to secure a private database of health data. These kinds of chances are not currently granted by the regulation but both clinical institutions and patients themselves can benefit from it. Strengths and weaknesses along with risks and opportunities of this project will be analyzed taking into account not only the legal point of view by evaluating possible legal instrument required and the possibility of using such methodologies by delegation, but also considering some technical aspects. The aim of this paper is to show how opportunities for sharing and re-usage of data combined with the removal of technical and legislative barriers provided by new and updated legislation can have a great positive impact not only for the healthcare sector but also for patients.

Written by: Francesca Romana Pesce
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